April 4, 2024

Kamasi Washington - "Dream State" (ft André 3000)

The new song from Kamasi Washington is appropriately titled "Dream State" as it's the sonic creation for that exact purpose.

In May, saxophonist Kamasi Washington will release his new album, Fearless Movement, his follow-up to the wonderful Heaven and Earth. He's already shared two songs from the album, but today he's back with a meditative composition titled "Dream State" and it's hard to imagine this song doing anything other than soundtracking that specific moment, a brief, but dazed moment somewhere between being fully present and somewhat adrift. When speaking about the track, Washington said: 

'Dream State' is a celebration of life and the opportunity it gives us to explore new possibilities. We created this song together instantaneously as we improvised off the music we made in the moment. It was such an honor to work on this song with one of my heroes, the great André 3000. And what an amazing experience André 3000, Brandon Coleman, Tony Austin, Mono/Poly and I had gliding freely through this world of sound not knowing where we would end up, but joyful in the journey itself.

Of course, even as a guest artist, it remains difficult to avoid André in the conversation, not because I want to avoid him, but because he always commands attention no matter his contribution to a song. When OutKast unceremoniously exited the limelight after their last album Idlewild, it wasn't immediately apparent that we'd lose André as the cultural touchstone he'd become as the duo rose to the heights of the greatest hip-hop group of all-time. His return to music was always going to be a moment, but no one could've predicted the curveball he'd throw our way with his move towards ambient, new age jazz. Not only is it refreshing to see him so boldly make this artistic statement with newfound dedication to this craft, but to see the reception from his new musical community has been enlightening and a reinforcement that others should follow their paths as well, whichever way the wind may blow them. Now, Kamasi and André feel like natural musical connections, their devotion to their craft is paramount, and the results are a stunning display of brilliant melodies and weightless grooves, ready to take you off to dreamland or whatever state best matches your mood.

Fearless Movement is out May 3.

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