April 24, 2024

Nilüfer Yanya - "Like I Say (I runaway)"

Nilüfer Yanya has shared her first new song since the release of her great 2022 album PAINLESS.

In her early career, Nilüfer Yanya has gone two for two in terms of making great records. Her distinct guitar playing a central force in each album, they've put her at the top of her class in terms of new artists making a big impact on their current scenes. On her first new track since 2022, Yanya once again doesn't disappoint. "Like I Say (I runaway)" is a rather straight-forward track with the verse-chorus-verse style firmly in place, but it's the subtle changes and textures that call the listener in for a sharper focus. As she hits the chorus, a rush of fuzzed-out guitar adds layers to the song, the blast of shoegaze tones bringing some stellar nuisance that makes what could be an otherwise simple tune standout with distinct pleasure. "The chorus originally sounded a lot different — it didn't have as much flashy guitar, it was a lot more chilled out. We kind of puzzled it out like a jigsaw." The ear for detail is what has made Yanya such a standout and this remark only highlights her knack for songwriting and the ability to turn something basic into something wonderfully complex and intriguing. There's no word on whether a new album is on the way, so for now we can take this as a one-off single, but it's a great addition nonetheless and one worthy to stand out on its own.

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