April 25, 2024

Cornelius - "Sketch for Spring"

Cornelius has announced a new album, Ethereal for Essence, and shared the lead single "Sketch for Spring."

In June, Cornelius will follow-up last year's Dream in Dream with a new album called Ethereal for Essence. When speaking about the album, the Japanese multi-instrumentalist and composer said "I gathered songs that have an ethereal feel from the various purposes for which they have been produced over the past few years and I decided to make one album. With the current strange situation in the world and the stressful social life, I feel comfortable with something that fits into the introspection and spiritual world." The first single, "Sketch for Spring" is a nod to The Durutti Column's Vini Reilly, who Cornelius says is his favorite guitarist, and explains that it was "written for the background music in the tube of PARCO, a cultural complex in Shibuya." With its softer tones and pleasing melodies, it's not hard to envision this as elegant music designed to lift moods and spirits and there's a glowing pulse that resonates throughout the song that really gives into the ethereal themes and vibes. Whether intended for solo consumption and deep introspection or one to coax people into a more delightful state of mind, it's a soothing song ready to ease stress and provide a few minutes of tranquil audio pleasure.

Ethereal for Essence is out June 26.

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