April 15, 2024

Jamie xx - "Baddy on the Floor" (ft Honey Dijon)

Jamie xx has shared his second song of 2024 and this one features Honey Dijon.

It's been nearly a decade since Jamie released his lone solo record, 2015's marvelous In Colour, and while he's dropped some singles in the past few years, it was starting to feel like we might not get a full-length from him ever again. Well, today Jamie is back with a song called "Baddy on the Floor." It features Honey Dijon and according to Jamie he's wrapping up that sophomore album and expects it to be out by the end of the year. While we wait for the official announcement of that record, "Baddy on the Floor" continues to satisfy the craving for the brand of IDM that Jaime does so well. There's shuffling percussion, crisp piano riffs, and big time bass that commands you to keep moving until the beat drops. It is a colorful jam that sparkles with jubilant rhythm and sizzles with heat. In fact, it trends on the production and style of "Sizzling" by Daphni (aka Dan Snaith who also records under the moniker Caribou) which itself takes queues from Paradise's 1981 disco track "Sizzlin Hot" and interpolates that familiar beat that almost begs for the two to weave these tunes together during their next DJ set. This doesn't exactly raise the bar in the same vein as some of Jamie's earlier singles that lead up to In Colour, but it is still a standout dance tune that will have you boogieing on the floor of the club.

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