April 18, 2024

Alcest - "Flammel Jumelle"

In June, Alcest will return with a new album called Les Chants De L'Aurore and today they've shared the second single, "Flammel Jumelle."

There was a time when fusing together the sounds of black metal and shoegaze was a novel concept and France's Alcest were leaders of the charge for what has become known as blackgaze metal music. Today, it's a sound that has become its own rather distinct genre. Still, Alcest do it better than most and they prove that with pristine fashion on their new single "Flammel Jumelle." There are moments when twinkling guitars converge to create massive walls of sound which are underscored by the distinct howls from the group as surging drums help to build the towering mass of sound. It's a song the wonderfully marries the dreamy essence of shoegaze with the atmospheric blasts of thunderous black metal full of soaring guitars and battering rhythms. It's equally glowing as it is destructive sounding all at once elegant while also punishing, finding the band hitting their sweet spot with full fledged grace and primordial spirits that raise things up with just enough force, but never really overpowering. The blend of sonics is what Alcest do best and on "Flammel Jumelle" they're sitting pretty in their comfort zone, cranking out yet another anthem of seismic proportions.

Les Chants De L'Aurore is out June 21

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