April 10, 2024

Beth Gibbons - "Reaching Out"

Earlier this year, Beth Gibbons announced her first ever solo album, Lives Outgrown, and today she's shared the second single.

Muted percussion steers things away from the trip-hop associations that you might be ready to pin on Gibbons as her lovely croon floats just above some muddy drums and soft percussion. From the onset, the track is locked in with a tight groove holding it together at the core as knotty melodies swarm around it. Heavenly choruses start to swell before reaching a moment when things are thrown into disarray as a samba-influenced undercurrent picks up steam and gives the song an injection of color. Beth's voice also reaches a new height with her falsetto hitting us harder than perhaps anything we've heard from her in the past. The beat begins to shuffle and a host of other influences grab hold. The song snaps back and forth between the shifting gears, like a light flashing on and off, emitting bursts of brightness juxtaposed against beats of minimal black and white rhythms. As the skittering beats pick up, the song reveals itself in its totality and gives us something stirring and a bit more immediate than the flowing "Floating on a Moment." This time around, Gibbons is not giving us a sense of the unknown with hovering ethereal moments, but instead one that is rooted in a groove and ready to assert itself on solid ground.

Lives Outgrown is out May 17.

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