October 26, 2023

bar italia - "worlds greatest emoter"

The third single from bar italia's second album of 2023 signals the rapid growth of a band that is still so young.

The sophomore record is a tough one. In so many cases it can make or break a band. Perhaps you had a killer debut, but the second album is a carbon copy that does nothing to change up your sound falling flat to listeners and leaving you a bit dead in the water. Maybe you're first album came with no hype or buzz, but the second one is when you found your sound that pushed things to the next level. bar italia, having only released their first record this spring, are wasting no time in finding out what album two will do for their career and based on the new singles, they have nothing to fear. After releasing one of the best albums of the year (so far), the band is keeping their momentum alive and will release their second album next week. As we've heard from the first two singles, the band doesn't seem to be falling down the path of replicating their sound and "worlds greatest emoter" is the latest example of how they've changed things up without alienating fans that have fallen hard for their raw post-punk tunes. On their latest track, the band embrace the fuzzier aspects of their sound and trade-off on their dry, dead-pan vocals which by now feel like a necessary accessory to their stark and contemplative songs. "worlds greatest emoter" pushes them to a new edge that captures what we already know they can do so well and finds new depth in meaning in their lean, minimal sound. Churning out new songs at such a stready clip can often be dangerous for a band that is still so young, but bar italia are showcasing their maturing and rapid growth without sacrificing anything that got them to their already impressive stature.

The Twits is out next week (November 3) via Matador.

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