October 13, 2023

The Libertines - "Run Run Run"

The Libertines have announced their first album since 2015 and shared the single, "Run Run Run."

At the start of the new millennium, The Libertines picked up where Brit-Pop left off and merged the genre with the garage rock revival that was pouring out of New York City. Billed England's answer to The Strokes, the band's ramshackle rock and roll was all thrills and little chill and their raucous, rowdy, and disheveled demeanor made them instantaneous rockstars who not only could talk the talk, but their lives off stage (mostly for worse) showed that they could walk the walk as well. After debauchery and drug addictions banned them from ever entering the States, the band imploded, adding to their all too brief legacy. In 2015, to the shock of nearly everyone, the band not only returned, but their newfound maturity allowed for them to play proper shows and give fans the long-awaited victory lap that many only dreamed could ever happen. The fact that the band could reform once seemed mind boggling, but the fact that they're back yet again is truly remarkable. Announcing their return with a better than expected song that captures the band's former glory with a resurgent afterglow is a near miracle. "Run Run Run" isn't as rough around the edges as anything off their landmark debut Up the Bracket, but it's a solid, foot-stomping rock and roller that hits with the effortless swagger the group so cooly nailed over two decades prior. A new Libertines album in 2024 is almost too good to be true and if the rest of the tracks sound as nostalgic and promising as this one, it'll be a triumph that no one could've predicted, but one so many will celebrate.

All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade is out March 8.

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