October 22, 2023

Jessie Ware played Terminal 5 (Night 2)

Jessie Ware brought her disco sensation to Terminal 5 for a second night of sparkle and endless pleasure.

Glitz, glamour, and non-stop shimmer, that's the vibe of a Jessie Ware concert and for her second consecutive sold-out night in Manhattan, she made sure to turn up the charm and make Terminal 5 dazzle with infinite splendor. Bringing her ritzy fashion and impeccable grooves to the masses, her latest tour is in support of her miraculous new album, That! Feels Good!, a record that is devoted to disco, funk, and R&B and radiates with unbridled joy and ultimate satisfaction. Bringing these songs to life was a mesmerizing display of talent, enthusiasm, and glee and was greeted with rapturous applause throughout the night. Using the album's title track to kick-off the night, Ware was in fine form from the moment she took to the stage, a place she had dubbed The Pearl and one which would serve as her anecdotal club for the evening, as she lead the crowd though an hour and a half of pure happiness and boundless dancing. Cranking out the singles from her latest record, the rhythms were swinging and hips were shaking as the crowd lost itself to the undeniable grooves and satisfying jams that brought the heat to the dance floor. "Pearls" had the building shaking as the crowd boogied down to the dizzying groove and Jessie took the time to stretch her vocals to the max as her dancers gave in to the killer rhythms. House and Ball themes were ever-present throughout the night and there were several moments where her dancers vogued for the crowd before declaring Ware "Mother Pearl" for the remainder of the night. Adding tropical Bossa Nova beats and melodies, "Begin Again" was another all out moment of euphoria as the song shimmied with relentless sparkle, adding decadence and lavish style to the already luxurious vibes of the night. Bringing her heightened elegance to the swanky tones of her music is one of Ware's most stunning talents and seeing her lead her band and crowd through this on stage was empowering and brought out feelings of total nirvana, the sensations from the music overcoming everything else and leading to extreme moments of true bliss. Things slowed down for the glowing "Hello Love," another velvety track the hits with a subdued sense of silky, sonic delight. Costume changes were abundant throughout the night and each time Ware left the stage, her dancers made sure to keep the momentum going, battling each other with their impressive ballroom numbers that sent the crowd into a dizzying tizzy before Jessie reappeared behind a plume of giant feathers. She took pride in her old school, classic charm that embodies the lounge singers of the past which she clearly pays tribute to through her thoughtful and passionate music rooted in nostalgia and iconic performers of times gone by, but she still manages to bring it successfully into the present, creating a performance full of wit and supreme entertainment. The hits were consistent throughout the night as well and no moment ever felt weak as she balanced things out with high spirited renditions of "Freak Me Now," "Mirage (Don't Stop)", and a raging "Beautiful People" that had the crowd once again reaching dizzying heights of joy. For the encore, Ware took to the crowd to perform a triumphant cover of Cher's iconic "Believe," which obviously had the building erupting in near pandemonium as the room sang along in perfect harmony. "Free Yourself" closed things out and sent the night off with one last flash of utter joy and total amazement, cementing the night as one of pure elation and one that reminded everyone that even for just a moment, things can feel alive and full of magic.

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