October 19, 2023

Ducks Ltd. - "The Main Thing"

"The Main Thing" follows Ducks Ltd.'s cover of The Feelies "Invitation" from February and is their first original single of the year.

Ducks Ltd. jump back into their air-tight grooves of solid jangle-pop with ease and sonic perfection on their new single, "The Main Thing," giving a bright burst of euphoric pop as they step on the gas, ready to rock with fiery passion. Accelerating right out of the gate, the band has picked up their rhythm on the latest and get things moving with brilliant urgency and rapid-fire drum fills. "'The Main Thing' is about growing apart from someone whose perspective you once shared," Tom McGreevy said in a statement. "Being in lockstep with another person and then suddenly realizing you are no longer aligned. That you’re watching them throw themselves into the same losing battles over and over again, but also recognizing that all that losing might be the right thing to do." Featuring Ratboys' Julia Steiner, Dehd's Jason Balla, and Moontype's Margaret McCarthy on backing vocals the track is the band's most collaborative yet, despite its themes, as it races forward with a buzzing, hook-filled spirit that'll leave you feeling charged-up and ready to take on the world.

"The Main Thing" is out now.

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