October 6, 2023

Moondling - "Lysander"

Moondling (formerly known as Ishmael, the band) are back with a new single, "Lysander" ahead of their upcoming, self-titled concept album due this November.

After playing together for over a decade, the three members of Moondling are readying up the release of their long-anticipated new album and the first single, "Lysander," gives a strong preview of what to expect from the band's years-in-the-making record. Hitting with a solid punch, the dry percussion and untreated vocals bring forth early-aught post-rock influences with emo-inflicted chants of choruses while the tight-knit beats give it a sharpness that punctures the melody with dignified purpose. There are post-rock builds and varied rhythms that secure the band's footing as the vocals soar just as grinding melodies twist the track into a driving, sinister finish.

When speaking about the song, the band stated that:

'Lysander,' named after the protagonist of the album’s narrative, tells the story of Lysander’s escape from a frightening dream world in which a young boy trapped in a coma draws sleeping minds to a kingdom of his own grim design. The story unfolds over the remainder of the album, examining the private worlds inside our minds, the pain and joy of solitude, and the limits of what we would do to get back the things we’ve lost…or else build something new in the empty spaces left to us.

The band will celebrate the release of Moondling with a show at Brooklyn's Our Wicked Lady on November 12.

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