October 17, 2023

Floating Points - "Birth4000"

Floating Points has shared his first single of 2023, the new song "Birth4000."

Despite dropping several excellent tracks last year, the last full-length album from Floating Points was his 2021 collaboration with the late, great Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchesta, Promises. That record is an ambient jazz masterpiece and a pretty left-field affair from the work which brought Floating Points to prominence in the electronic world so it can be pretty jarring for fans who caught wind of Floating Points via that album to now discover his other work. "Birth4000," his first release of the year, is a rather standard track from the electronic-focused mindset of Sam Shepherd and aligns to the same high-energy frequencies, glitchy beats, and all around club-ready dance numbers he's been serving up in the past. The track goes hard with a heady electronics before a siren-like cry takes off in the distance and a hi-hat begins to hold down the beat. Once the drop occurs and the song finds its groove, it's an all-out raver with skittering throbs of classic house sounds that warp their way through the high-pitched rhythms before losing itself to the melody and hitting the ground, full-throttle. It weaves itself into a frenzied foray of hard hitting electronic moments that obliterate the space around it, making for a chaotic dance number that isn't for the light of heart, but ones who answer to the call of the beat and give in to the floor.

"Birth4000" is out now.

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