October 15, 2022

Sasha and the Valentines played The Broadway

Sasha and the Valentines pulled into Brooklyn on night two of their latest tour.

The Austin dream-pop act has been busy this year. Earlier in the spring they headed out in support last year's So You Think You Found Love? playing the North East for the very first time and now they're already back, bringing their lush sound with them to new venues. Opening with "Driving" into "Flower" the band locked in for a tight set that felt their deeply revered synths and the echo-y vocals wash over the room. Bringing out the vibes of the late aughts, the band oozed confidence and fun, playing their delightfully charming tracks to an enthusiastic crowd who swayed along with pure joy and elation as the sun-smeared grooved radiated bliss while Alex Whitelaw's impressive guitar work really set the tone for the show. Beaming solos and intricate fretwork really took the songs to new levels and gave them a fleshed-out feeling onstage, adding more texture to the already bright, bubbly sound. Sarah Addi's vocals were another serene component, giving more of the dream-like quality to the band's effervescent synths, warming up the sound to be ever so inviting, and taking hold of the night as she clasped her microphone and danced along to her bandmates' continual waves of stellar sounds. The sparkle of the band's shimmering pop sounds never dulled and even when their own tracks were capable of getting the crowd to move along, it was their cover of Tears for Fears that saw them shine like true stars. Fittingly, the track was a perfect addition to their set and even felt like their own, blending in perfectly to their gauzy haze of sun-drenched sound. Every part of the show felt tight, like they'd been doing this for months rather spending the summer apart to refocus and work on other exciting material (the bassist and guitar player both have new albums in the works that are also worthy of your time). The night was about the band, their future, and the road ahead. Sounding stronger than ever, it's clear that they've committed to their sound and style and we're all benefiting from their pastel-hued songs full of hope, love, and devotion. 

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