October 10, 2022

Sault - "Angel"

The U.K. band/project/group/collective Sault have returned with a new EP called 10.

Everything about the U.K. group Sault is shrouded in mystery. In 2019, the collective released two albums, 5 and 7, and followed those up with two more in 2020, UNTITLED (Rise) and UNTITLED (Black Is). Last year, they released an album called 9 which was only available for purchase and on streaming services for 99 days. All of those records were rooted in brilliant R&B, afro-jazz, elegant arrangements, and sturdy percussion. Keeping their prolific vibes alive, the group released a surprise new album earlier this year called Air. This record took a turn and ditched the R&B vibes for modern classical, choral music, and ambient tones. It was a strange, yet very satisfying twist that saw a whole new dimension from the group. Now, on 10/10, the band has released an EP called 10 featuring one track with a runtime of ten minutes and ten seconds. Appearing on streaming services as one song called "Angel," the group still refers to the release as an EP with several songs all being grouped together as one. The final surprise here is that this EP makes another sharp turn, this time towards reggae. It's yet another release that defies any expectation and further adds to the mystery surrounding those who are making these recordings. There is some wiry electric guitar, spoken word elements, and other moments that continue to add newfound pieces to the overall sound. This sounds nothing like Sault has made before, once again repositioning them as trendsetters who are impossible to pin down. However where lots of other artists will try to find their footing in new genres and fall, Sault continue to hit the mark and do so with style and grace. "Angel" just further proves their adaptability and showcases their extreme range. No one is doing anything quite like this and it's hard to imagine anyone else being able to pull off these projects with such rapid success. Even without knowing who they are, we know there is no one else quite like Sault.

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