October 19, 2022

Kelela - "Happy Ending"

Kelela rediscovers her groove on the luscious new single, "Happy Ending."

When Kelela emerged last month with a new song called "Washed Away," the singer declared it a balm and a reset. An audio bath to mark her new era. Today, the new era really begins with the club-ready "Happy Ending." Skittering beats and soft touches ad glistening sparkles to the energizing song that finds Kelela in her sweet spot of mixing electronic beats with sultry R&B. It proves her notions of being a trendsetter and it's not hard to imagine others copying this style in direction in the years to come. Her angelic vocals hover and dance around skeletal percussion that reverberates around a rock-steady beat. It's an evocative and steamy song that doesn't scream dance floor banger, but rather suggests a more intimate, late-nite vibe. Still with BPMs turned up a notch, this isn't a wind down song as the title might suggest, instead it hits with lush melodies and stirring rhythm. A smooth vision and hopefully a sign that more is on the way.

"Happy Ending" is out now via Warp.

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