October 18, 2022

Tom Skinner - "The Journey"

Tom Skinner has shared another track from his new album that's out next month.

Tom Skinner is perhaps best known as one of the drummers in the recently paused group Sons of Kemet and as the other guy in Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood's new band The Smile. Both of those forms of recognition are worthy ways to highlight his immense talent as one of modern jazz's best drummers, but next month, he hopes to make his own name the headline as he releases his first album credited just to him. On "The Journey," Skinner provides a deadlocked groove as various horns and woodwinds add in their respective notes to bring forward a meditative feel while a slinky bass line cuts up the current and gives the song a sultry vibe. There are no flashy solos, dizzying effects, or anything else to draw attention to any one musician here, but instead the emphasis is on the collective good. From Skinner, "this record is an attempt to put something truthful into the world, through collaboration and community, at a time of rising dishonesty and disinformation. Bishara is the bringer of good news, and by bringing the musicians on this album who are very dear to me together, we pay homage to that idea by collectively spreading light where there is increasing darkness."

Voices of Bishara is out November 4 via International Anthem.

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