September 22, 2021

Parquet Courts - "Black Widow Spider"

Parquet Courts have shared the second official single from their new album Sympathy for Life.

"I told [producer] Rodaidh McDonald that I wanted to find a sound that was equal parts Can, Canned Heat and This Heat," says A. Savage of the song's sonic inspiration. "He was really into that and probably took some glee in having such a bizarre challenge." This is a really fuzzy new song and features less of the dance vibes we first heard on "Walking at a Downtown Pace," but still feels like the art-punk style that we've come to love from the band. The guitar is blown-out and the bass rumbles as synths take shots across the song and, to me, it doesn't really sound like the influences that Savage mentioned, but rather like more of the classics from Parquet Courts.

Sympathy for Life is out October 22 via Rough Trade.

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