September 1, 2021

Mr Twin Sister - "Polvo"

The new single from Mr Twin Sister is an instant banger and suggests a new album is soon to follow.

For a brief moment, it would be easy to mistake the new song from Mr Twin Sister as one from Fever Ray or the Knife, particularly "To the Moon and Back," but with a slight disco tinge to the melody. The bolting, electronic drums hit with such stellar rhythm that it feels impossible to fight the urge to groove and dance. "Polvo" continues the band's evolution from lush, dream-pop soundscapes to blazing dance floor hits and is one of their sharpest and most immediate tracks in their transformation. Sung entirely in Spanish, there are hints of so many other sounds and nuanced flourishes that give it an extra sparkle. In a press release, lead singer Estella says, “‘Polvo’ is about how death fuels life, how we’re all connected, and how we must die in order to live.” According to the single's artwork, it will be featured on an album titled Al Mundo Azul, however an official announcement and release date have yet to be shared. For now, you can snag this single on the group's Bandcamp.

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