September 25, 2021

Angel Olsen - "Cold Blooded Old Times" [Smog cover]

Angel Olsen's conquest as one of the best singers, songwriters, and performers of her generation continues with yet another stunning cover. This time it's of none other than Smog.

Smog's "Cold Blooded Old Times" from the stunning Knock Knock is an upbeat number (if only in musical tones) that showcases elegant guitar strums and Bill Callahan's forever epic vocals. He sings with strong clarity and focus, his annunciation nearly perfect with every note. Angel Olsen's take is a bit different, but just as powerful. Stripped down to a lone piano and echoing vocal work, the song takes on a new life here, one that feels isolating and haunting. One that will indeed turn your bones to glass. It feels fragile and on the precipice of collapse at all times, but hangs there in a singular, elongated moment. It's another excellent contribution from Olsen in an already remarkable year that furthers her artistic prowess, vulnerability, and ascension to greatness. Nothing seems too grand for her and we're lucky to be able to experience her rise to stardom as it happens in cold blooded clarity.

Angel Olsen's cover of Smog's "Cold Blooded Old Times" appears on Jagjaguar's Join the Ritual compilation which is out now.

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