September 27, 2021

Bat Fangs - "Action"

Bat Fangs are back with a new album called Queen of My World and have shared the second single, "Action."

Over a decade ago, Sleater-Kinney split-up and Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss formed Wild Flag with Mary Timony and Rebecca Cole. Wild Flag turned to be a one album band (for now) and after some time, Mary Timony formed Ex Hex with Betsy Wright and Laura Harris. Ex Hex put out two very excellent records, but again, some time passed so Betsy Wright formed Bat Fangs with Laura King. Well, now Sleater-Kinney are back (albeit without Janet) and now Bat Fangs are back as well. Not much of that history lesson matters aside from the fact that all of those bands (S-K, Wild Flag, and Ex Hex) have made great rock and roll records over the past ten years that are well worth your time. Now, Bat Fangs have added more fuel to the blistering fire and "Action" keeps things hot and heavy. With throw bacsk to '80s guitar mania, this one is full of hair-raising riffs that are sure to heat up the mood and get your adrenaline pumping. The drums sound BIG and it's almost impossible to not head bang along with this one. Turn it up loud and get ready to shred!

Queen of My World is out October 29 via Don Giovanni.

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