September 23, 2021

Bartees Strange - "Weights"

Bartees Strange has announced a deluxe edition of last year's great Live Forever which will feature the new song, "Weights."

Sometimes, a song begins in what seems like the middle. With no fair warning or build-up we're hit with bruising sounds and things can feel a bit jarring and discombobulated. This is the case with "Weights" by Bartees Strange. Instantly, the listener is dropped right into a rambunctious hook that grabs hold and never lets go. It's a quick number, but packs quite the punch and follows through on the power of last year's Live Forever. This is a punchy guitar-driven song that channels some early Bloc Party energy with its revved up riffs and heavy synths that crash over steady rhythms. In a press release, Strange says, “This is about the ones that got away. Going back and forth in my head about relationships that could have happened, missing that it didn’t, and finally realizing I gotta let the weight of it all go.”

The deluxe edition of Live Forever is out October 1.

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