June 24, 2021

Tirzah - "Tectonics"

After releasing a few singles earlier this year, Tirzah has announced her new album and shared the opening track.

"Tectonics" has a slick '90s R&B vibe to it as a steady drum beat lays the foundation of the song while misty synths scrape over the top. There's a textured pulse that weaves throughout this one as her vocals warp around the track with a dusty reverb effect. It feels gritty and a bit darker than the previous singles "Send Me" and "Sink In," offering a different feel to the album. It'll be wonderful to hear how these songs fit together on the record. Tirzah continues to push the boundaries here and this is easily turning into one of my most anticipated releases of the fall. Colourgrade was recorded between the birth of her first child and her second and features collaborations with Mica Levi and Cody Sey. 

Colourgrade is out October 1.

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