June 23, 2021

Colleen Green - "I Wanna Be a Dog"

Colleen Green has announced her first album in six years and shared the super catchy lead single, "I Wanna Be a Dog."

Not to be confused with the Stooges classic of a similar name and chorus, "I Wanna Be a Dog" by Colleen Green is a a great pop-punk jam that radiates in the summer sun. Working with Gordon Raphael, the man who produced the first two records from the Strokes, Green cut tracks in studios around LA and her flair for sun-soaked fun is in full effect here. Naming the album Cool is a pretty ambitious, but with a single that feels so breezy and chill, it's hard to imagine the rest not living up to the name. This one is a solid reminder that rock and roll can still be fun.

Cool is out September 10.

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