June 2, 2021

DARKSIDE - "Lawmaker"

DARKSIDE will return next month with their new record Spiral. Today, they've shared the third single from the album.

"Lawmaker" is a knotty, twisted track that is heavy on the vocals and eerie on the melody. The track is underscored by a steady beat that slumps along under some buzzing and vibrant tones before some intricate guitar work brings it home for a solid finish. There is some serious, spaced-out kinetic energy on this one and it's a slow burn that never really ignites, but pushes their sound forward in an interesting direction. There isn't really a hook here, but rather an overall vibe and ambience that hovers over the core of the song. It's a bit dark and complex, but an intriguing addition to their catalog and certainly sets the mood as we wait for the full album to finally drop.

Spiral is out on July 23.

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