June 22, 2021

Low - "Days Like These"

Low have announced a new album, Hey What, and shared the lead single, "Days Like These."

It's almost a full minute into the new track from slowcore greats Low before we get to something musical. The first fifty seconds are giant bursts of vocals that grab attention and reveal an almost deafening silence between each chant. Once the twinkle of a guitar emerges, we are met once again with vocal force that will stop someone in their tracks. The sonic shifts that unfold over the remainder of the track are haunting and gorgeous, much like the best of their past work, and continues to explore the space between the notes. Illustrious synths find their way and cut like daggers through the fog of sonic texture that bubbles up from the band and the track seems to ascend with each passing moment. When your music feels so minimal and singular, it can often be challenging to find new ways to express a signature sound, but Low remain true innovators and uphold the ideals of "less is more" better than most. This is a truly massive song, but it never feels overpowering or extreme and instead, it finds real beauty in its power.

Hey What is out September 10 via Sub Pop.

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