June 20, 2021

Sasha and the Valentines - "Cry All the Time"

Austin's Sasha and the Valentines released their debut album So You Think You Found Love? earlier this year and have now shared a video for the single "Cry All the Time."

The Austin quintet mixes lush, warm synth tones with a buoyant, dream-pop bounce that gives their music a welcoming and radiant vibe. Their debut album is well-polished, full of retro-pop style vocals and feels meticulous in production, a promising and confident sound that makes them sound advanced beyond their years. According to the band, their new video for the track is "a technicolor melodrama that pulls on imagery from the pastel world of Alice in Wonderland, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Wes Anderson films." The video features singer Sarah Addi in a doll house-like where she slowly breaks down and unravels into tears amongst her porcelain tea party guests. "'Cry All the Time' pokes fun at the drama of human emotion while simultaneously reminding us that it's ok to cry."

So You Think You Found Love? is out now!

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