March 23, 2021

nasimiYu - "Secretsecret"

On her latest single, "Secretsecret," nasimiYu invites listeners further into her sensational world of electro-pop wonder. 

Following last month's excellent "Watercolor," the build-up to nasimiYu's new album continues to heat up with another innovative track, "Secretsecret." Genres have no meaning here as this one continues to evolve with each passing second. No time is wasted by nasimiYu as she navigates her world with clarity and purpose. After spending much of the last year in solitary lockdown, nasimiYu emerged last Summer to help lead and organize Black Lives Matter protests throughout North Brooklyn and is now ready to share her musical creations with the world. "This album was being made while the world was on fire in all the ways, and some of the most loving ways found their way into these songs because that’s what I was overflowing with throughout the experience."

There are so many familiar elements on this track, but nothing here is a retread and nasimiYu strives to push boundaries to further the experience and uncover uncharted terrain. The song is "a portrait of the most naive time in my life, as I was living it. I wrote it in a moment when I had let my hope in a bad relationship get the best of me in a way that pulled me out of touch with reality. This song sums up all of the confusion, self abandonment, and inner contradiction that made up one of the lowest, most heartbreaking periods I’ve ever experienced." This is a spiritual awakening of self-discovery and inner-exploration that results in bold truths. Her confidence is astounding and it's no wonder as she takes control and leads us all on a journey through her world.

P O T I O N S is out May 7.

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