March 25, 2021

black midi - "John L"

black midi have announced a new album. It's called Cavalcade and it's out in May.

The avant-guard rockers have returned with a wild new single that feels just as hard to pin down genre-wise as anything they've done before. It's a cacophony of noise, but it shines with brilliance even when it feels most extreme. The band's founding member and guitarist left to focus on his mental health so he does not appear on this record, but the group did recruit two new members to join them on the record. There is a lot of chaos on this track and moments of sharp stops and starts that give off a lot of uneasy tension. Where is this song going and what sounds will pour out of the speakers next? There really is no telling on this one and that is what packs it with excitement. Wherever black midi are going, you don't want to miss out on the journey.

Cavalcade is out May 26 via Rough Trade.

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