March 24, 2021

Andy Stott - "The Beginning"

Electronic producer Andy Stott has announced a new album, Never the Right Time. It's his first full-length since 2016.

In 2019, Andy Stott released an EP called It Should Be Us and said that a new album was on the horizon for 2020. Well, like the rest of us, Stott's plans changed and the year went by with no new music. Now, Stott is following through with a brand new album recorded during quarantine. However, this is not the record Stott promised a few years back, but rather something totally new. "The Beginning" is our first taste of the new record and features Stott's frequent collaborator and former piano teacher Alison Skidmore on vocals. This is a drowsy take on techno, like awaking first thing in the morning when things aren't totally in focus, but you're energized for the day ahead. Stott isn't known for making club bangers, so this feels naturally on par for the course and perhaps even a more melancholic take than his past, darker dubstep days. A new chapter ready to be consumed. 

Never the Right Time is out April 16 via Modern Love.

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