March 9, 2021

Lucy Dacus - "Thumbs"

Lucy Dacus has shared a new song called "Thumbs."

Lucy Dacus' last record was 2018's excellent Historian. Since then she's done a lot of touring, has collaborated with Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers as boygenius and on their solo records, and released numerous great covers which culminated with the appropriately named 2019 EP. After debuting the track in concert a few years ago, it became a fan favorite in live settings and now, the studio version delivers on the track's magical vibes. Breaking away from the more guitar-driven sound of her other work, this song finds her vocals front and center over an ambient synth line that creates a haunting mood that is only pronounced by Dacus' straightforward lyrics. This is painfully beautiful and really showcases the absolute power of Dacus' songwriting. For so many reasons "I don't know how you keep smiling" feels like the lyric of the year, one that begs for repeated, although perhaps difficult, listens.

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