March 3, 2021

Japanese Breakfast - "Be Sweet"

Japanese Breakfast has announced a new album, Jubilee, and shared the stunning lead single, "Be Sweet."

Every now and again, a new song emerges that seems set to define an artist for the foreseeable future. It happened with M83's "Midnight City," Future Island's "Seasons," Mitski's "Your Best American Girl," and now it is the hopeful trajectory for Japanese Breakfast's new single, "Be Sweet." This is a euphoric anthem that blasts some funk into its grooves and surges to levels previously unattained by Michelle Zuaner. On her third record, she's not holding back and stated that "for me, a third record should feel bombastic" and there is no question that she absolutely delivers. The energy is buoyant and never settles. It's a sugar-rush of a pop song that bursts with crystalline synths and purpose and it is no wonder it's the first single off an album titled Jubilee. It's a statement piece and one that is sure to make Japanese Breakfast one of 2021's breakout stars.

Jubilee is out June 4 via Dead Oceans.

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mmmmk said...

so exciting!