March 18, 2021

Lydia Ainsworth - "Parade"

Lydia Ainsworth has announced a new record and shared the opening song. The album is called Sparkles & Debris and it's out May 21.

"Parade," the first single and opening track from Lydia Ainsworth's upcoming record, radiates with warm synths and wraps the listener in a blanket of hospitable tones and textures. Her voice is elegant and inviting, giving off a sense of comfort and the work of some special magic. “Longing seems to be a major theme running through my songs on this album,” she said in a press release. “Whether that is longing in love, longing to be free from oppression, or longing for the muse of inspiration to make an appearance. I have included some spells and charms in there as well that have proven effective, if any of my listeners want to use them for help with their own desires.” On Twitter, she added "If you are missing a lover, a friend, someone who has drifted to another dimension, or even longing for a deeper connection to yourself, this song is dedicated to you." When so many of us are going through so much, we're lucky to experience music that can feel so comforting.

Sparkles & Debris is out on May 21.

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