March 31, 2021

Dinosaur Jr. - "Garden"

The second single from the trio's upcoming album is here!

A Lou Barlow track on a Dinosaur Jr. record is a rare treasure and one being used as a single feels historic. It's no secret that the group's early turmoil was particularly hard for Lou and it showed in his work as Sebadoh. Mascis was the creative control of the group and on their '90s records, a lot of it is just him. Much like the songwriting partnerships in the Beatles, Mascis is without question the Lennon/McCartney of the group, but Barlow's tracks often show up like a George Harrison song, a wonderful surprise and a short break from what we've been hearing for 30-40 minutes. Using one of his tracks as a single is a watershed moment for the group and perhaps the best sense of unity I've felt in a year. For a group with such a troubled past, it was easy to ask if the reunion was just about the money, but in 2021, the group's reunion output has exceed their initial run (in terms of quantity not really quality, although everything they've done is great) and this feels like the cherry on top. It's a slower, groovy song which finds the band at their chillest. It's a mellow burner and offers a bit of relief from some of their more intense, Mascis-fueled guitar shredders. But don't worry, a solo naturally finds its way onto the song.

Sweep It Into Space is out April 23 via Jagjaguar.

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