March 11, 2020

Westerman - "Think I'll Stay"

Westerman has announced his debut album, Your Hero Is Not Dead, and it's out June 5 via Partisan. Along with the announcement of the new record, Westerman has also shared a new song.

The album will feature previous tracks "Confirmation," "Easy Money," and this year's "Blue Comanche" along with the latest "Think I'll Stay." The new track falls right inline with what we've come to love and expect from the artist: bright melancholic melodies and buoyant rhythms structure the track giving it a glistening synth-pop new-wave feel. In a statement, Westerman said: "I wrote this while I was moving a lot. I was thinking about a chronic pain condition when it started. That pain is a very specific type, but I think there's an inevitable amount of pain that everyone goes through just being alive. A friend was talking to me about how they're going to be working until they're 80 years old, so what's the difference. In the song, I'm trying to say that it's worth sticking around. It's a sort of giddy affirmation of being."

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