March 6, 2020

CupcakKe - "Lawd Jesus"

Last fall, rapper CupcakKe announced her retirement from the music business. Today, however, she's back with a new track called "Lawd Jesus."

The latest from CupcakKe is a pure banger. Stabbing synths unleash a stellar beat that slightly recalls Kendrick's "Humble" and her vicious snarl is unloaded on unsuspecting listeners. Here she's rapping with a vengeance and proves that she still has plenty of fight left in the game. She goes straight for the jugular here and isn't afraid to speak her mind, calling out anyone who thinks otherwise. "Bitch I'm eating good, double chin, black card match the skin / Fuck all my old friends, I'm not tryna make amends (Lawd, Jesus)" she proclaims with a healthy swagger. CupcakKe is back and from the sounds of it, she has a lot to say.

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