December 24, 2022

The Reds, Pinks and Purples - Dust in the Path of Love

Glenn Donaldson is closing out 2022 with yet another release, a new five-track EP exclusively on Bandcamp.

Just when you think the year is over and new releases won't be a thing until January, the ever-prolific Glenn Donaldson has surprise released yet another set of tracks. Following a new album, an accompanying bonus album, a second new album, a reissue of older tracks, and a few other (excellent) projects, Glenn has given us one more EP to end 2022. Dust in the Path of Love is a short collection of his usual dream-pop sound of gentle guitar and breathy vocals that feature shoegaze textures and steady rhythms. Once again, Donaldson shows his incredible song-writing skills and his ever flowing talent which is constantly producing at a steady pace. "What's the Worst Thing You Heard?" in particular, ends with a stunning finish of dissolving guitar and fractured melody and features lead guitar from Lewis Gallardo. Taking queues from the sounds of Slumberland Records and making something fresh and exciting, Donaldson seems unstoppable at this point of his already illustrious career. We're lucking to be reaping such incredible benefits.

Dust in the Path of Love is out now.

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