December 5, 2022

Caroline Polachek - "Welcome to My Island"

After a slew of singles over the past two years, Caroline Polachek has announced her new album and shared another tantalizing track, "Welcome to My Island."

Soft cries and elongated, belting high notes are nothing new for Caroline Polachek, but her use of these vocal techniques has never sounded so inviting. Over gymnastic-level vocals, the build-up to Caroline Polachek's latest single flourishes before it even takes off. Almost like the theme song to Season 2 of HBO's White Lotus, she brings back some of the flamenco brilliance and operatic harmonies of her recent song "Sunset" as we're subjected to dazzling arrangements that greet us with shimmering promise. Welcome to her island indeed. Once her aerobatic voice lands, it moves from in-flight ingenuity to floor routine finesse as pangs of '80s synth sparkle while electronic drums hit with sustained passion. Then, just like that, her illustrious vocals sky rocket back into the stratosphere, tumbling through the air with elegance and grace making for yet another wonderful synth-pop banger. Through her recent string of singles, all of which will appear on her new record, Polachek continues to break through barriers and ignite the idea of what hyper-pop can be and where music will travel in the decade ahead. Crashing back to Earth, Polachek doubles down with her authority and raises the stakes once again, rapping through a verse with Blondie-level demeanor as if she's cracking through to yet another sonic template. "Nothing's gonna be the same again" she chants, again previewing what might be ahead on her highly anticipated new record. Whatever it is, she's made it clear that we should distill expectations and embrace endless possibility. 

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is out February 14 (digitally) and April 14 (physically).

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