November 30, 2021

Jeff Parker - "Four Folks"

Next week, Jeff Parker will release his new album Forfolks and today he has shared the, almost, title track.

Written in 1995, "Four Folks" is a wispy, flowing jazz song that meanders along like the score of a daydream. It's the second single from Jeff Parker's new record, the follow-up to last year's marvelous Suite for Max Brown, and despite being written twenty-five years ago, was only recorded this past year. In fact, the entire album was recorded in only two days over the summer and includes a Thelonious Monk cover, a jazz standard, and six originals that were all written at various points in Parker's career. Described as a solo guitar record, the first two tracks offer free-form guitar instrumentations that never seem to stay in one mood for too long, roaming aimlessly, but not without purpose. Slight feedback lingers as Parker's riffs move along with ample space. Every note is breezy and light, rather meditative at times, but still commands attention. Drones are interspersed between the classical strolling solos and hang in the background to provide an ever-present tone. It's easy to get lost in each moment and Parker does wonders in making his guitar both delightful and at times still distant. It's an accessible point in his career that brings his maximal talents to very minimal, yet moving, works.

Forfolks is out December 10 via Anthem/Nonesuch Records.

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