August 18, 2021

Parquet Courts - "Walking at a Downtown Pace"

Parquet Courts have announced a new album, Sympathy For Life, and shared the lead single, "Walking at a Downtown Pace."

After debuting a bunch of new songs in New Jersey over the weekend, New York's Parquet Courts have announced the follow-up to 2018's Wide Awake! and the new single suggests that they're ready to get back to rocking for a jam-packed audience. This feels like a very New York style track that pays homage to house party grooves and the club feelings of the '80s without soundling like a flashback or an attempt at nostalgia for nostalgia's sake. It's an earnest number that hits a groovy vibe and feels like an instant jam. “Wide Awake! was a record you could put on at a party,” Austin Brown said in a press release. “Sympathy For Life is influenced by the party itself. Historically, some amazing rock records have been made from mingling in dance music culture — from Talking Heads to Screamadelica. Our goal was to bring that into our own music. Each of us, in our personal lives, has been going to more dance parties. Or rather, we were pre-pandemic, which is when this record was made.” 

Sympathy For Life is out October 22 via Rough Trade.

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