August 24, 2021

Caribou - "You Can Do It"

After last year's awesome Suddenly, Dan Snaith is back with a surprise, one-off single from his Caribou moniker.

"You Can Do It" is the name and also the only lyrics uttered throughout the track and the repetitive phrase acts like another instrument in the song as it rapidly picks up the pace before an onimnous voice just chants "do it" on repeat. Elsewhere, the melody and rhythms are everything you've come to love from Caribou. The synths are luscious and hard hitting, the high-hat shimmers, and the rest falls perfectly into place as the song moves towards a gradual swell. It's a slight pick me up and motivational boost, but overall its a stellar groove that'll make you ache for the dance floor. Luckily, Caribou is still set to tour behind his last album and hopefully this will make the set list as well.

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