November 30, 2020

U.S. Girls - "Santa Stay Home"

U.S. Girls have thrown their hat in the ring for new holiday music emerging at the end of the year. "Santa Stay Home" is perfectly apt for 2020 and the bizarre holiday season we're about to embark upon in the next month.

I will be the first to admit that holiday music is not my jam (sorry Mom) and "gimmicky" tunes are also up there as things I tend to ignore. However, leave it to U.S. Girls to write a Christmas jingle that best surmises the abysmal year of 2020 and strongly urges people to ditch their typical holiday plans in the interest of the environment (and, you know, from making the pandemic worse). If you can manage to ignore the lyrics, this fits wonderfully with their great record from earlier this year, Heavy Light, and even if you can't, there are some choice quotes that best encapsulate my feelings for the next few weeks. Stay home for Christmas this year, y'all. The world is depending on it.

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