September 16, 2020

Blitzen Trapper - "Hazy Morning"

Blitzen Trapper will release their new record Holy Smokes Future Jokes on September 25 and have shared yet another single from the album.

"Hazy Morning" is the most upbeat and promising track the band has previewed so far and heightens the expectations for the upcoming record. Weathered guitars are balanced with clear vocals and steady rhythms that help propel the song forward as it hits cruise control. The ramshackle country-rock vibes are as strong as ever on this one, sure to get feet tapping along to the groovy melodies and sun-soaked guitar solos. It's the closing track on the album and really seals the deal for the band's alt-country take, their sound as big as ever, perfect for drifting off into the day once the fog and haze clear. "So if you're ready, won't you roll with us" sings Eric Earley and it's hard to not take him up on the call to action. 

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