April 13, 2020

Washed Out - "Too Late"

Last week, Washed Out dropped a new single called "Too Late" via Sub Pop. The stand alone track is basking in the warm, tropical vibes you've come to expect from Ernest Greene.

"Too Late" is classic chillwave and continues Washed Out's filtered-out approach to dreamy electronics that became apart of his established sound over a decade ago. This track is another hazy swirl of delayed synths and electronic drum beats that puncture the song and give it some needed weight. Greene's vocals are as processed as ever and the lush harmonies add to the track's ethereal glow. From the beginning, chillwave never seemed to have much longevity and over time, many outputs seemed to feel like a retread of old ideas, but Greene has been one of the few (perhaps only?) to keep his sound feeling fresh enough to charm back listeners with each, bright and balmy release. "Too Late" is no different and comes to as a relief for our collective moods.

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