April 15, 2020

Jamie xx - "Idontknow"

It's been a while since we heard new music from Jamie xx, but today the electronic wunderkind has shared his first new track since his incredible 2015 debut, In Colour. It's called "Idontknow" and it's out now (with a 12" release to follow)!

A live staple in his set for recent years, "Idontknow" has finally made its way to the masses. This is pulsating techno jam that accelerates with break-neck speed giving in to twitching beats and thumping rhythms. The percussion is pushed into the spotlight on this one as vocals and warm synths fall to the background and more industrial grooves set in over the course of the track. It's not a pop-friendly jam akin to those on his debut, but rather one made with passion and tribute to classic rave music. There isn't a strong sense of melody here and it's probably not going to ignite your quarantine dance party. So, while it's still a slamming, dizzying banger of a track, for the first time on record, Jamie xx feels unsure of the direction he's headed. On "Idontknow" he's invited us all to join him on this joyride, but the destination is unknown.

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