August 31, 2018

Drake and Migos played Barclays

Drake and Migos are in the midst of seven nights in NYC split between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Migos got the crowd hyped with their early set time and helped set the tone for the night ahead with their extravagant outfits and low vibrato. Flames erupted from the stage as the group proved they were more than just an opening act and took control of the night early on as they delivered a set featuring their more recent hits. Flaunting across the stage, what the trip lacked in any sort of stage presence, they made up for with their musical flair. "T-Shirt" and "Bad and Boujee" were the clear fan favorites of the set and just as things seemed to be heating up, the group thanked the crowd and began to welcome Drake out for his headlining set.

Curtains fell and images of a storm lit up a stage the size of a basketball court that was positioned dead center in the middle of the arena and just like that, Drake was in for a marathon set of his biggest hits. In true form, he played up to his fans, giving in to all of their wants and blasting through a medley of hits from the past decade that have help Graham rise to superstardom. As if his absolutely killer streak of singles brought on any doubt, his live performance only helped but affirm his place as the biggest pop-star in the game. Hit after hit struck the crowd starting things off early with "Started from the Bottom," and plowing through other jams like "Jumpman" and "Energy" before bring Migos back to the stage for a knock-out version of "Walk It Talk It" which was probably the pinnacle of the night. As Migos reappeared, they were joined by a fleet of dancers and some of the best visuals of the night. The stage was a giant screen which delivered unobstructed views of Drizzy and company running from end-to-end to rev-up the crowd and leave no one at a disadvantage. If anything, the biggest downside of the night came with the acoustics of the set-up and the venue and it was practically impossible to make-out any word spoken by Drake or Migos. After a killer "Stir Fry," it was back to non-stop Drake. In the back-half of the night, it was the streak of "Controlla," Work," "One Dance," and "Hotline Bling" that rocked the crowd to new heights, but of course, recent sensations "Nice for What" and "In My Feelings" were other tremendous moments that really saw the magnitude of Aubrey's success take-over a crowd. It's been quite some time since Drake released an album that seemed worthy of praise, but there is no question that he can deliver a single and take it to number one like no one else in modern music. Seeing those hits delivered live and watching an arena explode time and time again is nothing short of amazing to witness. Drake has truly come a long way and there is no doubt that he recognizes his road to success, but also knows how to take control and command his current surrounding, and that's what makes him all the more impressive. Witnessing him own a stage is something that any fan of pop music should be lucky enough to experience.

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