August 25, 2018

Boris and Sannhet played le Poisson Rouge

Friday night was a stacked double bill featuring local greats Sannhet opening for the legendary trio of Boris at Manhattan's Le Poisson Rouge.

It was an early affair with Sannhet taking the stage promptly at 7:00pm and taking their signature approach of their drummer front and center leading the charge through darkness and strobes. With the lights turned off, the band blasts through their atmospheric post-rock with the heaviest of intentions. Their guitar and bass players swinging their instruments through the air and thrashing away as their drummer pummels ahead with furious rhythms. As always their flashing and disorienting lights face the band head-on and add new depths to their already deeply layered music.

As the Japanese doom trio Boris entered the stage, hands shot up in the air, raising their horns to the legends. Rumbling bass began to cover the room as the band led a march of extreme and dense music carried out at a volume of maximum heights. In typical fashion, Takeshi rocked his doubleneck bass/guitar and the Atsuo made excellent use of the gong behind his drum kit. Over the course of the night, the band traversed a varied range of sludge, doom, and black metal and coated them all with tinges of psych and shoegaze that brought a more melodic side to the night. It was their last U.S. stop on their 25th Anniversary Tour and the band really went out on a high note. Playing with such supreme force, the band packed a serious punch with their total wall of sound approach nearly decimating the crowd with it's power. There wasn't too much of a drone element to this set and showcased the band's more staggering and rock-forward approach and style. The crowd took it all in with pure delight. Pits were flying at times while others close-by stood dazed and lost in the band's meld of intense music. They're as heavy as they come and in such an intimate venue, it felt like a true musical experience and not just another loud show.

Set list:

01 "Feedbacker, Part 2"
02 "Heavy Friends"
03 "1970"
04 "Pink"
05 "Ibitsu"
06 "Rainbow"
07 "Untitled"
08 "Heavy Rain"
09 "8"
10 "Statement"
11 "Flood 2"
12 "Flood 3"
13 "Farewell"

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