March 30, 2018

CupcakKe - "Crayons"

Earlier this year, CupcakKe released her great debut album Ephorize. This week, she shared the video for album highlight "Crayons."

Ephorize is an intense debut of an album full of banging tracks that are mostly NSFW, but full of grand expression. "Crayons" is the album's key takeaway, however, and the most forward-thinking and positive track. "Transgenders are people / so I'm a treat 'em equal" she hollers as the track picks up maximum velocity. It's the anthem needed not only by the rap community, but the world at large. She speaks her mind and has no desire to hold back her thoughts and feelings. She's loud and flamboyant and her music replicates her to the fullest extent. She's an artist taking risks and watching them pay-off with the utmost success.

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