March 17, 2018

Leon Bridges - "Bad Bad News"

Leon Bridges has finally announced his sophomore record, Good Thing, the follow-up to his stunning, debut record Coming Home. The new album is out May 4.

It's hard to believe I first posted about Leon Bridges back in October of 2014. At that time, he had no following or reputation. He was just a man from Texas with a soulful croon that sounded a lot like Sam Cooke and Otis Reading. Of course since then, he released one of my favorite albums of 2015, played festivals around the world, appeared on the "Big Little Lies" soundtrack, played SNL, and opened for the likes Harry Styles and the Rolling Stones. Now, he's ready to drop his sophomore record and with that have come some changes. The two new singles don't sound like something that appeared out of a record crate that has been lost since the 60s, no these songs sound fresh and modern. "Bad Bad News" finds Bridges with the more instrumentation than he has ever allowed be committed to tape. A tickling guitar solo commands the song, as a funky bass line steers the direction of the track. Of course his croon returns and while the allure may not be the same as on his debut, it still sounds like another classic song by a man living up to his own standards. This is truly his music and not a sound that's fitting a mold. He still sounds unlike almost anyone else of this decade and after a few listens, it's hard to not be tapping along to this everywhere you go.

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