April 3, 2018

Beach House - "Dark Spring"

Beach House have shared the opening track for what is becoming my most anticipated album of 2018. 7 is out May 11 via Sub Pop.

To get personal for a moment, Beach House have steadily become my favorite band (making new music) in the past decade. Since dropping their illustrious sophomore record, Devotion, back in 2008, the band has kept their sound unique and wholesome. Their fingerprint perfectly placed on all of their music, there is no mistaking Beach House for any other band. They've stayed on course gently pushing their sound into new territory while never losing their magical spirit. "Dark Spring" is yet another example of a classic-sounding Beach House song that somehow still feels alive and new. It's the same path they've travelled many times before, but once again, viewed under from a new perspective. Their gauzy, dream-pop glam is still in full effect and their mood seems to be forever cosmic. They're a reliant friend that always reappears just when you feel you need them the most.

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