March 5, 2018

Jack White - "Over and Over and Over"

"Over and Over and Over" is the latest from Jack White's upcoming album, Boarding House Reach. “It was sort of my white whale,” he said about the track. “I chased it and chased it, and finally, all of a sudden, it worked.”

It's no question that the latest material from Jack White hasn't lived up to the high regards of work released by The White Stripes or even early Raconteurs and Dead Weather albums, but where some of his former peers still try to retain their eternal cool, White has evolved and matured with the times. He's seen his role change from rock and roll revivalist to arena rock legend. Sure, I'd be the first to jump on a Jack and Meg reunion tour, but there is no one more fitting than Mr. White to carry the torch and make arena rock something to be excited about and not something that screams sell-out. "Over and Over and Over" finds White doing what he does best, putting on that polish that will let a track explode all the way up to the rafters of MSG. It's a song that can erupt across a festival field and one that can still stir up more excitement that anything released by some of these other headlining-status rock bands. White doesn't seem all that interested in recreating his past and that's OK. We should all be grateful that he is the one taking the reigns of what it means to be a proper rock act again and that he has his back catalogue of hits to lead the charge.

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